About Us

About us

The purpose of the Association is:

  1. to promote and stimulate interest in recreational and competitive tennis, and

  2. to promote and facilitate affordable recreational tennis within the City of Lakewood for existing players and those interested in beginning the sport of tennis.

Lakewood Tennis Association is a membership-driven tennis organization that has presented a strong adult tennis program for more than 40 years. Though the club has no permanent building or courts, our "home" courts, our home matches are held in two locations:

  1. Morse Park (20th and Carr)

  2. Daniels Park (West 14th Avenue and Welch)

The annual membership fee is $35. LTA teams have a consistent record of reaching the finals in their respective divisions, often winning sectional and national titles.

LTA Board Members


  • Rita Price (Emeritus) - E-MAIL

  • Mary Johanson (President/Social Director) - E-MAIL

  • Linda Wenz (Vice President) - E-MAIL

  • Emily Wheeler (Secretary/Newsletter) - E-MAIL

  • Kristine O'Brien (Treasurer/Social Director) - E-MAIL

  • Harold Bassett (Membership) - E-MAIL

  • Karen Noreyko (Vail Trip Coordinator) - E-MAIL

  • Holly Carlson (External Liaison) - E-MAIL

  • Jeff Monroe (Webmaster) - E-MAIL


  • Hae Monroe (Mixed) - E-MAIL

  • Shannon Mooney (Men/Women) - E-MAIL

  • Karen Noreyko (3.0 Women) - E-MAIL

  • Sharon Dutton (3.5 Women) - E-MAIL

  • Roy Dutton (3.5 Men) - E-MAIL

  • Mirela Bacria (4.0 Women) - E-MAIL

  • Jeff Monroe (4.0 Men) - E-MAIL

  • Anthony Boone (4.5 Men/Women) - E-MAIL